Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rational Change Management

Organizational Change Management

There is no other subject more filled with hype and myth than that of Change Management.

  • People state that we resist change.............and yet we get married.
  • People state that resistance is bad.......... and yet it's what protects us from bad ideas.
  • People consider the question "Why should I change? " almost as a form of insubordination... and yet it's what enables us to decide when change is necessary.
  • People state that we must "change or die" ..... and ignore the equally true statement, "change or die!"

Here's the challenge:

We are faced with two conflicting situations

  1. We must implement all change that is necessary and,
  2. We must resist all change that isn't.

These are both obviously true and therefore pose a paradox and a serious challenge;

  1. How can we get people to embrace the change that is necessary?
  2. How can we create an environment that allows rational resistance?

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